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Project Advance

St. Anthony of Padua Parish
8891 Montcalm Street
Vancouver, BC V6P 4R4

Jack & Anna Lam

Our Project Advance Ministry serves to contribute to the needs of the Archdiocese of Vancouver and the unique goals of our Parish.

Every year we are called upon to foster growth in our parish and the Archdiocesan family. Through the annual Project Advance appeal, our parish helps to make all parishes vital communities and support building churches, schools, parish halls and projects that reach out to those who are struggling and marginalized.

Our Project Advance Ministry’s mission is two-fold: First, to fulfill our annual assessed goal by the Archdiocese to support programs (Youth programs, Vanspec, hospital chaplaincy and ministry, special grants, etc.) and projects (new churches, schools, parish halls), that are delivered by the Archdiocese. The assessed amount is based on a percentage of our church’s collection. Secondly, it serves as one of our significant fundraisers for the construction of a new Parish Centre and school expansion. Funds in excess of the assessed Archdiocesan goal are returned to the parish for our designated project(s).  

The Project Advance Ministry has a coordinator and secretary who work closely with the Archdiocese and the Pastor of the parish. They meet in February/March to determine the financial goal for the parish, order supplies, and attend an orientation meeting at the Archdiocese and a Project Advance Mass. 

The initial four weekends of our Project Advance campaign are the busiest times for this ministry and require volunteers at each Mass to hand out pledge sheets, provide information, and collect pledges. For the remainder of the year there are administrative tasks undertaken by assigned ministry leaders who work with the Parish Office and Project Advance coordinators.