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Give St. Anthony a Brick

St. Anthony of Padua
8891 Montcalm Street
Vancouver, BC V6P 4R4


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Since 2008, St. Anthony’s Parish community has been working tirelessly towards the creation of a parish centre. The continued efforts and support of the parish have buoyed this project through the years, and truly represent the generosity that those of this community possess.

With the addition of underground parking, roof deck playground and cost escalation these past years the 2021 fundraising goal of $9.1 million has now risen to $14 million.

It is easy to see only the numbers and think, “Give us a break! You’re asking for too much.” But here's what this parish centre means for the community once it has been built:

  • Our children will have a safe environment to learn in and a gym to play in.
  • Parish ministries can stop scrambling for meeting spaces.
  • Our community will have a place to hold Mass when the church undergoes eventual replacement.

So, instead of giving up and asking for a break, what this caring, Christ-centred community can do is join hands, help out, and “Give St. Anthony a Brick”.

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                              Sample of brick denominations and panel
Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the "Give St. Anthony a Brick” campaign?

The campaign is a method of raising money for St. Anthony’s Parish Centre Project by seeking donations for symbolic engraved bricks.

How much are the donations for the bricks?

Donations for bricks come in denominations of $500, $1000, or $5000, depending on the size. Bigger bricks come with more character spaces for messages.

How do I make a donation for a brick?

Donations for bricks can be made using credit cards or cheques, but cash is not accepted. Both donation methods can be spread out over a period of time to a maximum of 5 installments.

Do I get a tax receipt if I make a donation for a brick?

Yes, you receive a tax receipt because it is a donation to the parish. Immediately after you make a donation for a brick, you will receive a transaction receipt and in February of the following year, the parish will issue you a tax receipt.

When can I make a donation for a brick?

Donations for bricks are being accepted now.

From whom can I make a donation for a brick?

There are official brick campaigners who have been issued an official name tag and transaction receipts. In the parish, the campaigners are available in the vestibule after weekend Masses to answer questions and to take pledges. In the school, the parent class supervisors are the campaigners. Donations for bricks can also be made at the parish office.

What will the bricks look like and where will they be displayed?

A sample of the bricks is displayed in the glass case in the vestibule of the church. The final ones will be displayed in the hallway of the new parish centre, just outside of the gymnasium.

Are there other ways to donate other than making a donation for a brick?

Yes, donations in any amount are appreciated. For those who wish to donate larger amounts of money, please contact Patrick May at [email protected]

Where can I get more information?

Visit the campaign website or speak to a campaigner after Mass on weekends or visit the parish office or email [email protected].


什么是 “给圣安东尼一块砖”活动?

这项活动是为圣安东尼教区中心项目募集资金的一种方法,它采用像征性的砖块寻求捐款.该中心将建在目前的学校停车场,并将有一个体育馆,教室,音乐室,办公室,舞台,青年中心,老年人中心,厨房和地下停车场。它将举办教区活动,如煎饼早餐和社交聚会。此外当教区最终重建现有的教堂时,它将是一个临时的敬拜场所。从2015年的估计,建设该中心的总成本为550万美元,如开始建设工程,我们需要起码有一半的資金。 我们的目标是到2018年10月筹集125万元,以便我们能够在2019年6月开始建设。


砖的捐赠面额为500元,1000元或5000元,具体取决于大小。 更大的砖块有更多的讯息空间.


砖块捐赠可以使用信用卡或支票进行,但不接受现金。 这两种捐赠方式都可以在一段时间内分摊到最多5次分期付款。






有戴上官方名片在胸前的砖头活动人員和发出正式交易收据。在教区里,活动人员可以在周末弥撒后的前庭中回答问题和收集捐款承諾表格。 在学校里,家长监督员也是活动人員。 在教区办公室也可以捐赠砖头。


在教堂前厅的玻璃柜中展示了砖块的样本。 最終砖块将显示在体育馆外的新教区中心的走廊上。


有的,任何金额的捐赠都会受到欢迎。对于那些希望捐赠更多钱的人来说,教区也正在寻求捐款来获得停车位,教室和其他房间的命名权。 可以向砖头活动人員询问更多细节。

我在哪里可以获得更多信息? or speak to a campaigner after Mass or parish office or email [email protected]

Thank you on behalf of Fundraising Committee