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Give St. Anthony a Brick

St. Anthony of Padua Parish
1345 West 73rd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6P 3E9

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Since 2008, St. Anthony’s Parish community has been working tirelessly towards the creation of a parish centre. The continued efforts and support of the parish have buoyed this project through the years, and truly represent the generosity that those of this community possess. 

But, in 2015, an obstacle appeared in our path: we found out the older part of the school and the church was not up to seismic code, and as a result, the initial fundraising goal of $3 million for Phase 1 has now risen to $5.5 million. 

Though we have already raised $1.5 million, we still need an additional $1.25 million before being allowed to begin construction — a daunting task, truly, but not impossible. 

It is easy to see only the numbers and think, “Give us a break! You’re asking for too much.” But what this parish centre means for the community once it has been built, are:

  • Our children will have a safe environment to learn in and a gym to play in.
  • Parish ministries can stop scrambling for meeting spaces.
  • Our community will have a place to hold Mass when the church undergoes eventual replacement.

So, instead of giving up and asking for a break, what this caring, Christ-centred community can do is join hands, help out, and “Give St. Anthony a Brick”.

                               Sample of brick denominations and panel

Click to download "Brick Pledge Form" - God bless!

Chance to Win for Early Brick Buyers!

Buyers of bricks purchased before 2:00 PM on October 28, 2018 have  a chance to win! If you purchase a brick, you could win a bigger brick or an additional brick! Buy now to avoid disappointment!

Full Contest Rules

How to Enter

One entry per brick purchased before 2:00 PM on Sunday, October 28, 2018.


Contest is open to anyone (including brick sellers) who purchases a $500- size brick or $1000-size brick or $5000-size brick.

Description of Prizes

If the winner purchased a $500-size brick, the prize is a one-size-up upgrade. If the winner purchased a $1000-size brick, the prize is an additional $1000-size brick. If the winner purchased a $5000-size brick, the prize is an additional $5000-size brick.

Procedure for Awarding Prizes

One winner per draw. Random draws will be held at 2:00 PM on               25-Mar-2018, 29-Apr-2018, 27-May-2018, 24-Jun-2018, 29-Jul-2018,     26-Aug-2018, 30-Sep-2018 and 28-Oct-2018.

Winners will be notified by telephone and email. Winners will be emailed a prize claiming form that must be filled out and returned to the parish office within 14 days.

General Rules

Non-winning entries from previous draws are carried over into subsequent draws but winning entries are not. The odds of winning are dependent on the number of bricks sold at time of designated draw dates. Contest closes at 2:00 PM on 28-Oct-2018. Winners must answer a skill-testing question. Prizes are non-transferable. Winners must give written consent to giving personal contact information to St. Anthony of Padua Parish for administrative purposes. Winners must give written consent to having his/her name and/or photo and/or voice possibly used by parish for promotional purposes for parish centre fundraising campaign free of charge. Prizes must be accepted as-is. If the prizes cannot be awarded as described in these rules, the parish reserves the right to substitute a prize or prize component with another of comparable value, as determined in its sole discretion. Refusal to accept the prizes releases the contest parties from any obligation towards the winners. St. Anthony of Padua Parish reserves the right to amend contest rules or terminate contest.

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