St. Anthony of Padua

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Altar Servers

St. Anthony of Padua Parish
8891 Montcalm Street
Vancouver, BC V6P 4R4
Linus Wan, Master of Ceremonies

[email protected]

Altar Servers have the honour of assisting the priest during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass with the greatest reverence and respect.  In essence, the Altar Server is a page serving in the Court of the King of Kings.  Altar Servers are selected and trained by the Master of Ceremonies.  

Responsibilities include: preparation for the Mass, assisting during Mass and closure after Mass.  Servers are expected to be readily available at every liturgy and devotional event that they attend.  They must take part in all services as fully as possible, paying careful attention to everything that is being said or done, and joining in the prayers, responses and hymns -and especially by receiving Holy Communion at Mass.